Teaching my 3 year-old about fire safety


For the past couple of months, I have been interacting with a handful of teacher blogs.

Recently, one of them asked me if I would be willing to review an app they were releasing to promote fire safety.

Not one to miss out on a learning opportunity, I sat down with my 3-year-old son to play on my iPad and have him play with the different features. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much – maybe a story, some easy games about fire safety and for him to be bored in 10 minutes.



It’s been an hour. He still won’t put it down.


First, I had the app read him the story of Sparky and his Birthday Surprise. (He was eating a snack after coming home from daycare, there was no way he was going to touch the screen).

When we were done with the story, we went back to the beginning as I realized that the pages were interactive. Not only was he engaged with the story but we were both surprised by how many features the pages had – when he pressed a door, it opened; touched an ingredient, it allowed him to put it in the mixing bowl. We went through the whole book touching objects all over the pages.

When we got to the end of the book, we went looking through the menu and starting playing with the other games. Games about shapes, counting and numbers.

Some of them were too advanced for him, but he did enjoy hitting the virtual piñata over and over again! We then went to color via the Paint option in the menu selection. Again, lots of different drawing options – many more than your usual paint feature in an app.

However, the most important thing occurred when his Mom came home from working out. I asked him what noise a fire alarm made (beep beep), and where we would go if certain areas of our house were on fire.


The surprised look on her face when she realized that we now had an escape plan, all being designed by our 3-year-old, was priceless.


You can download the app for Apple and Android products, along with lesson plans, e-book, and many more teaching aids here (not an affiliate link, just a link!)

(Full disclosure: this is a promoted post and I am being paid to review this app.)