UPDATED: Not sure how Finance for Teachers can help you? Start here

As of May 19th, 2017, no new content is being published to Finance for Teachers. There are over 130 articles currently that contain relevant information for you to learn from – enjoy!

If this is your first, or early, visit to Finance for Teachers, then welcome! If we were in a room together, I would offer you a hug / handshake / high-five depending on where the mood took us.

There is a lot of content on the site which may address your questions, but I wanted to make a space for you to learn the basics (or get directed to them) first before diving into the material.

If you’re not already aware, Finance for Teachers provides personal financial advice for teachers in the USA. As the company is based in Illinois, the specialty lies with the issues facing Illinois teachers, but I frequently talk with teachers in other states. I help teachers understand their current financial situation, what goals they want to achieve with their money, and how to position themselves to get there. I believe that by making incremental changes today, your tomorrow’s can start to look a lot brighter. (That last sentence sounded pretty good, so I made a visual of it below!).

But Finance for Teachers is different from many other advisors who work with teachers:


The goal is to help you understand your finances, without having to worry about being sold a product.


I don’t sell financial products (403(b)’s, annuities, insurance) which means there is no conflict of interest when it comes to giving advice – I’m not going to recommend an expensive product because I don’t make any more money by doing so. My clients either pay me by the hour for advice or they put me on retainer to answer all of their questions – either at one time or at various times throughout the year. You can find out the differences in the services by clicking here.


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Throughout the site you’ll find about who founded Finance for Teachers, what type of teachers I like to work with, and examples of how I help teachers. (Want the skinny? I love teachers who want to take control of their finances; trust the opinion of a professional but also want to learn; are happy to pay for specialized advice and are willing to make changes to their situation).


On the blog, I (Dave Grant, founder and all-around nice guy) have written about topics that affect teachers. Many of these topics are generated by conversations I have with my wife (a seventh-grade Math teacher), current clients, or the far reaches of my daily reading. If they help teachers get better at teaching, then I share it on Twitter (@davegrant82), but most of the content on this blog is written to help teachers get a better handle on their finances.


Finally, if you haven’t received the book outlining 7 steps in which to improve your finances, you can click the book on the top right hand side of your screen (the one with the “Download” button). Just by using this information, and not having to pay me for it, will give you a great head start in improving your financial situation. Consider it a gift from one teacher-focused family to another.


Hopefully we’ll speak soon….