Should the economy impact my investment approach? [VIDEO]

I get a lot of questions about the economy from clients and visitors to my website. While I try and explain the issues, I’ve brought someone who’s more qualified to provide some answers. Kathryn Cicoletti, founder of The MSB Cheat Sheet is an ex-hedge fund analyst, who now runs a subscription based newsletter covering the eocnomy and investing.

In this interview we cover the following questions:


1. I’m used to hearing from Dave, but now he’s bought someone more attractive on a video to share a message. Who are you and what do you bring to the table?

2. When I turn on the news and there’s bad things happening in the US or around the world, should I be acting on anything I hear?

3. In your opinion, should economic conditions be a factor in selecting my investments?

4. What do you think that is happening in our economic climate today that will have long-lasting effects and won’t just be a “blip on the radar”?

5. Most of my retirement income will be coming from a pension. Should I be investing any differently from someone who doesn’t have a pension? (I attempted to cover that in this piece, but would wanted to hear another opinion:

6. I’m a young teacher and just started reading Dave’s blogs. I know I should be taking some risk with my investments, but I’m a little nervous. I have my whole career ahead of me so I know I can ride out most bumps, but I’m just not sure what to do. Dave’s given me some great advice, but what would you suggest for someone in my situation?

Get ready to watch us tear up the mic!

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