Should an iPhone be a classroom staple for students?

iStock_000024375823MediumDuring my reading on Twitter and browsing various education blogs, I have been noticing a growing trend towards incorporating digital media into the classroom. My wife has had iPod Touch’s available for a number of years, but now the devices seem to be moving into iPads, Google Chromebooks and even iPhones. Even while volunteering in a classroom of third graders late last year, even those 8 year olds had Chromebooks in their classroom. While the full capability of iPhones may not be needed in a classroom, a device with wifi, location capabilities, and the internet can really change a learning experience.

By accessing articles linked to the images below, Monica Burns of Edutopia looks at some great apps that can be incorporated into a classroom. Additionally, Terry Heick at Teach Thought looks at 50 reasons smartphones can be used the classroom. (From reading it, 50 reasons is quite exhaustive, and it could easily be 35).



Photo credit: macsd via flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)


Smartphone in classroom

What do you think – are classrooms ready to use iPhones in this way?