Four personal finance apps for teachers (+1 fun one)

Ever since the App store (and other similar versions) started making “apps” available for smartphones, software engineers have tried to make apps that help you manage your money. Some are great, and some are not.

Watch this video and see some of the apps that I have reviewed to help you manage your personal finances. As a thank you for viewing, I’ll also show you how to find the perfect melon. No joke.




There are three apps that can help with your Budgeting.

The first one that we’re going to talk about, it’s called “Budgt”. It’s designed in Europe, and it’s meant to track your daily expenses. It’s simple, you have to manually add all your expenses in. You got lots of colors, and you get different categories, but that’s about it. It’s on you to track everything and make sure that everything’s up-to-date. You know – it does what it says. It’s a simple app and you get to see the summaries at the end of the month to see whether you hit your budget goals or not.

The second app is called “Spendee”. Spendee is a step on from Budgt. It’s again very visually appealing. These app’s have really gone all out on graphics, visual display, just to make sure that it’s fun and easy to use. Again, you’re entering all the details all yourself. You do get a little bit more detail than Budgt. You get to categorize it, and do different things with it, and then Spendee goes crazy. You get to analyze your budget this way, that way, this graph, this graph, pull the weeks numbers, pull the months numbers. It overwhelmed me when I used it because all I wanted to do was say, okay, did I hit my budget goal, or did I not? Did I overspend, or not? But it just went overboard in my opinion.

The third app, and this is one you’ve probably heard of before, if not then you’re aware of the product, They are a company that’s been bought by Intuit, the company who runs TurboTax. They have a very visually appealing website, now transferred to their app on the iPhone and the iPad. It’s very easy to use. The added bonus with Mint is that it’s automatic. It will link to your checking account, or different accounts that you want it to; it can also pull in your credit card. So every time you spend, it’s going to automatically download to the app every day. And then you can go in and categorize it. In a month, it’s going to gradually build up your expenses and it can send you alerts as to you spent too much on clothes this month versus what you wanted to budget on. This is my favorite app given the fact that it’s automatic, it does a lot of the work for you, you just have to go in every now and again to categorize it.