Investment Services

Know what you own, and know why you own it. – Peter Lynch



Your investments should be as cost and tax-efficient as possible.

We believe Mr. Lynch had the right idea. Investing can easily become overwhelmingly complicated and the risk of trying to “beat the market” doesn’t consistently pay off.

Because the market itself is what largely drives investment returns – not stock picking by an investment manager – we primarily use index mutual and ETF funds when designing portfolios. This is based on the fundamental need to grow and protect your wealth for the long-term with the least amount of expenses and taxes involved.

(Confused by the jargon already? Schedule an appointment with Dave and he can answer your questions.)


We believe that worrying about recent local and global issues (as well as your personal issues) and planning how you should adjust your portfolio is not a worthwhile pursuit. Instead, we emphasize education and will always explain how your accounts are invested, any changes to be made, and why we are making those changes. We enjoy explaining our investment strategy in an easy to understand way, and will never invest your funds until you have a complete understanding of our approach.



A long-term approach for achieving long-term financial goals.

Finance for Teachers designs portfolios based on your long-term goals and investment horizons. We don’t care what the market did yesterday – we care what it has done over the last 30 years, and will do in the next 30 years. We’ll provide investment guidance in our meetings with you, and help you understand why these decisions make sense. Because we’re a fee-only company, the only compensation we receive comes from you – we’re not incentivized to pick one product versus another.

From that point, we’ll let you decide how you’d like manage your investments – you can take care of the implementation and management yourself or hire Finance for Teachers to take care of it for you.


Management Fees

The industry standard for investment management is to charge an Assets Under Management (AUM) fee; this is typically a percentage of your account balance.

We believe this is a transparent way to charge for our investment management services – as your money grows we get paid slightly more to manage it.

We assess a 1% fee on your account balance(s). This includes all trading activities, rebalancing your accounts when needed, researching investments, and meeting once per year to discuss your portfolio. If you’re interested in comprehensive investment management, please contact Dave for a personal assessment.