Case Studies

There are times when you research a company and you just want to know if they have helped people like you. While as a financial services company, we can’t provide testimonials, we can highlight some situations we’ve worked with – maybe they’ll be similar to yours?

New teacher with students

New Teacher

Mariah had just entered her second year of teaching and was looking for some advice on getting her finances in order. She wanted to know whether to pay down debt or save for retirement. She is soon-to-be engaged and wanted to know more about money before entering marriage.

As part of her plan, we:
  • Spent time organizing her finances and putting together a game plan for every day spending, debt repayment and saving.
  • Discussed and compared what account she should use to save for retirement (403(b) versus Roth IRA).
  • Established what goals she wants to achieve in the next five years and how to go about financing them.
  • Reviewed her various insurance needs to ensure she was adequately covered at an affordable price.

New Family

Andy and Theresa are married and in their early 30’s. Andy is a high school teacher and Theresa is a lawyer. They wanted to make sure they were approaching retirement savings in the correct way, and also discuss their finances as they were starting a family.

New family

As part of their plan, we:
  • Changed their retirement savings strategy so they would get more “bang for their buck”.
  • Reviewed their current insurance coverage so they understood which employer’s plan would be best for their new family.
  • Examined their current spending and highlighted where they could save.
  • Explored how they would want to raise their children, and how their every day finances may change.
  • Discussed what Estate Planning documents should exist now that they were a growing family.

Retiring teacher

Retiring Teacher

Josephine is retiring in two years. She has already put in her retirement letter but wanted to understand the transition into retirement, and also check to see if she had everything lined up correctly. She was also concerned about how her investments were allocated based on her pension making up the bulk of her retirement income.

As part of her plan, we:
  • Put a step-by-step plan in place for medical coverage, as she was retiring before she was eligible for Medicare.
  • Discussed the approaches she could take with her investments given the fact she may not need the money, and how she may want to manage these funds.
  • Made a “bucket-list” of things she wanted to achieve in retirement and understood if she could afford all those things.
  • Discussed potential changes to her estate plan and account titling, as she wanted to gift some of her money to charity and her grandchildren.