Finance for Teachers founder receives industry award

There’s a thing about the financial services industry – there are a lot of awards thrown award. Many of these are for who can sell the most insurance, receive the most commissions from their product sales, or attract the most clients.

Recently, I received one that was a little different.


Investment News, a trade publication to the financial services industry, decided to profile the top 40 people in the industry who are aged under 40. For an industry that is full of old, white, balding men, the Under-40s is a small demographic of people. Investment News asked their readers (52,000 subscribers at last count) to nominate people in this age bracket who stand out for their contribution so far in their career.

There were 1,200 people nominated. I made the Top 40.

So what does this mean to you, a teacher potentially looking for an advisor?

If you read the story about why I won this award, the reason may surprise you. It’s because I work with people like you.

  • Not many advisors work with teachers, and only teachers.
  • Not many advisors want to cut through the crap of 403(b) sales and give you the best savings option for you.
  • Not many advisors are married to teachers, and feel the pain you go through when it comes to changes in pensions.
  • Not many advisors want to stand up to the big insurance companies, and tell them to stop abusing teachers with aggressive sales tactics.