I’m retired from teaching, now what?

This new phase of life can bring a sea of emotions, and many of them can be unexpected. However when it comes to planning what to do with your time – which can span decades – it pays to put some deliberate thought into it.

“It’s time for your 15 minutes, Mr Grant”

I’ve never been on network TV before. But I recently got to check that off my to-do list. Let’s talk about “how teachers should manage their finances.”

Illinois pension reform deemed unconstitutional

Lawmakers will now have to go back to the drawing board to find a way to reduce the pension deficit.

Social Security, WEP and a Teacher’s Pension [VIDEO]

If you’ve earned Social Security benefits on your record (40 credits or 10 years of working), you are eligible for Social Security benefits. However, your pension will reduce the amount as to how much you’re eligible. The part of the Social Security code which determines this is called the “Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP)”.

What will Bruce Rauner’s new budget mean for Illinois teachers?

In reading the summary of the new budget, it seems that every teacher will be affected by upcoming changes, and teachers who are relying on their pension being a certain amount may need to adjust their assumptions of what retirement might look like

How Bruce Rauner will “fix” the Illinois TRS pension

Bruce Rauner, Illinois new Governor, says he can fix the pension systems. But can he?

Should I upgrade my pension to 2.2? [VIDEO]

Illinois teachers need to understand if they should upgrade their TRS pension to the 2.2 factor. Should you do it?

Listen, investing as a teacher is COMPLICATED!

Given the fact that there will be a pension in play, do you invest more conservatively? Or should that be more aggressively?

Teachers – how to work successfully after retirement [VIDEO]

If you are a teacher in Illinois, then you can retire with full pension benefits at age 55, as long as you have earned 35 years of service credit. Current pension reform may try to change the details of this, and you may find you need (or want) to work after retirement. But what if […]

This minor adjustment to a pension can ruin your financial picture – what is it?

The COLA is a benefit on many teacher pensions that increases the annual benefit by a certain percentage. By changing this number, a pension can be a lot more (or less) valuable over time.