Why (almost) every teacher needs a financial advisor

When I talk to teachers at various points in their career about their financial concerns, the one response I seem to hear is “I wish I had one of you earlier”.

I am married to a teacher, how should we save for retirement?

The concerns held by teachers about their long-term benefits are not just held by them, they’re also a concern for their spouses. So what do I suggest when it comes to saving for retirement?

Why (almost) every teacher shouldn’t use a 403b

A 403(b) is the staple of a teacher’s retirement savings plan – it’s not abnormal to run into a salesman in the hallway or teacher’s lounge, so many teachers end up using them. But they may not be the best account to use, and in many cases, many teachers shouldn’t be using them.

Save money going back to school [WEBINAR & INFOGRAPHIC]

Whether you are ready to go back, or you’ll go back kicking-and-screaming, what will be your feelings when you receive your first paycheck? Find out how to put more money in your pocket on this webinar.

Tax Tips for Teachers [VIDEO]

As a teacher, you have unique credits that are available to you. As you plan your tax situation, don’t forget these deductions. If you don’t know about them – now is the perfect time to learn!

403(b) Investing [Video 2 of 4]: Should you save there, and how much?

Following on from the first video, we look to explore how to save to a 403(b). In this video, learn how much you can contribute to a 403(b) depending on your age and tenure. Also, understand if a 403(b) is the right option for you depending on your projected pension amount, and what other options […]