Illinois teacher’s retiree health insurance: TRIP or Obamacare?

For Illinois teachers who retire before age 65, should they choose TRIP or Obamacare for medical insurance? Or something else?

Will you be forced to pay for your parents care?

29 of the 50 states have laws which can force children to pay for their parent’s Long Term Care bills. Are you, and your parents, protected?

Listen, investing as a teacher is COMPLICATED!

Given the fact that there will be a pension in play, do you invest more conservatively? Or should that be more aggressively?

Rainy Day funds [Video]

We had to use some of our “Rainy Day” funds for an insurance deductible. If we didn’t have that money in cash, it would have created a lot more problems and stress. But why talk about this topic inside? Wouldn’t it be much more relevant to talk about it in the rain? Talk a look […]