The psychology of retirement

If you ask me, the whole concept of retirement is weird. But now times have changed.

Uncovering secrets: The self-directed K-12 403(b)

Only available with a couple of vendors – Fidelity and Aspire (and Vanguard where they can be found) – this option allows you to not have a representative assigned to your account to help you manage the investments.

What do the “Higher-Ed” 403(b) lawsuits mean for the K-12 space?

While the result of these suits would be great progress in the world of retirement planning, I’m left scratching my head and pointing to the elephant in the room: What about the 3.5 million K-12 teachers and their 403(b)’s?

What does the elimination of ERO mean for Illinois teachers?

ERO (Early Retirement Option) has been around since 2005, and Illinois teachers have been using it to retire early without a reduction in their pension benefit. If a teacher had two years left until they had full pension benefits, they could pay these pensions contributions up front – if the district agreed to do the […]

Why (almost) every teacher needs a financial advisor

When I talk to teachers at various points in their career about their financial concerns, the one response I seem to hear is “I wish I had one of you earlier”.

Are you leaving your pension to the right person? [VIDEO]

Deciding whom to leave your money to can be a tough decision. If you are married, then it will most likely go to your spouse. If you have children, then they may be next in line. But even simple scenarios like this can be filled with details that can derail these plans.

I am married to a teacher, how should we save for retirement?

The concerns held by teachers about their long-term benefits are not just held by them, they’re also a concern for their spouses. So what do I suggest when it comes to saving for retirement?

Four ways Illinois can fix the Pension Crisis: But which will be chosen?

The Illinois pension system (TRS, SURS, etc.) has been in crisis for a number of years. It’s also one of the largest systems in the country. How can it be fixed?

How to choose a 403(b) vendor

How to pick, or evaluate, a 403(b) vendor? It’s often not as simple as how the rep explains the product. Find out how with our in-depth steps.

I’m retired from teaching, now what?

This new phase of life can bring a sea of emotions, and many of them can be unexpected. However when it comes to planning what to do with your time – which can span decades – it pays to put some deliberate thought into it.