“It’s time for your 15 minutes, Mr Grant”

I’ve never been on network TV before. But I recently got to check that off my to-do list. Let’s talk about “how teachers should manage their finances.”

Building a financial practice by blogging [VIDEO]

Being a new entrepreneur, it always fun networking with those that have just started their projects as well. One of those people is Simon Granner and he recently interviewed me for his video podcast series.

Finance for Teachers founder receives industry award

Investment News, a trade publication to the financial services industry, decided to profile the top 40 people in the industry aged under 40. I made the Top 40.

Wall Street Journal features Finance for Teachers

The Wall Street Journal wanted to feature the work I do running Finance for Teachers and how I help teachers manage their finances.

Teaching my 3 year-old about fire safety

Teaching my 3-year-old about fire safety through an interactive iPad app

Finance for Teachers founder explains why teachers make the best clients

Today, Finance for Teachers founder, Dave Grant, CFP® was featured on a business radio show. He was interviewed about why he chose to work exclusively with educators, what social media he’s using to communicate with them, and how he is trying to build client relationships. Listen to the interview by clicking on the microphone (you’ll […]