Can you teach me how to invest? (With @msbcheatsheet)

Want to learn how to invest? I’m too expensive for a project like this. But I’ve found someone who charges less than me, and does a better job.

Reader question: Will life insurance solve all my problems?

The idea of a single “right way” of investing is an idea, and a bad one at that. The reason – your financial position, obligations and goals are unique to you.

How should I invest my 403(b)?

Do not let your 403(b) representative tell you how you should be invested – challenge their decisions and decide for yourself.

Listen, investing as a teacher is COMPLICATED!

Given the fact that there will be a pension in play, do you invest more conservatively? Or should that be more aggressively?

What happens to my 403(b) when I leave the district? [VIDEO]

Teachers leave districts all the time – when they change jobs, retire or move into a different life phase. But what you do with your 403(b) could cost or earn you thousands of dollars.

Why I hate AXA 403(b)s [REVISED]

Following some research, I have concluded that AXA 403(b)s are one of the worst products teachers can use. Watch the video review and find out why.

How young teachers handle money and the Common Core

Guest post: Interviews with three young teachers about how they hande their money and their jobs

Are active money managers worth the cost? Answer: No [INFOGRAPHIC]

Investing in hedge funds is not a conversation I usually have with teachers! However, new products are being released in the mutual fund market which make it easier to invest in hedge funds. But are they worth it?

Saving for your child’s college costs (Finance for Teachers featured in NEA newsletter)

Saving for college is the most expensive thing behind saving for retirement. Discover the best way to do it here.

403b) Investing [Video 4 of 4] – Choosing a vendor and how Finance for Teachers can assist you

In the final video of our series, we discuss how to find a good 403(b) provider, what questions to ask, and how to allocate an account. If you missed any of the prior videos they can be found here: Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 You’ve got to the fourth video of the four part […]