A “robot” is not going to save you from yourself

One movement that’s been taking place over the last seven years is the concept of “robo-advising”. But can they replace a human advisor?

Uncovering secrets: The self-directed K-12 403(b)

Only available with a couple of vendors – Fidelity and Aspire (and Vanguard where they can be found) – this option allows you to not have a representative assigned to your account to help you manage the investments.

How to choose a 403(b) vendor

How to pick, or evaluate, a 403(b) vendor? It’s often not as simple as how the rep explains the product. Find out how with our in-depth steps.

The Sterlings (Part 9): Investing for different goals

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can help you achieve your goals—when invested with a purpose. But, how do you invest for different goals all at the same time?

What’s the big deal with interest rates anyway?

Low interest rates can be good for spenders, but bad for savers. But when interest rates change, how does this affect things?

The Sterlings (Part 8): Between You and the Big Mistake

Whether you think you’ve got the Midas touch when it comes to investments or are prone to fearfully reacting to price swings, trusting in your financial advisor’s process can prevent most disastrous decisions.

The Sterlings (Part 6): One Investment or Many?

Feeling pressure to put all your eggs in one basket? The right financial advisor should help you design a plan that’s as multifaceted as your goals.

The Sterlings (Part 5): When investing involves greed and fear

By preparing yourself for market fluctuations, you can approach investment decisions without panic. Travis didn’t take that lesson to heart.

Should I change my 403(b)?

When was the last time you looked at your 403(b)? I mean REALLY looked. You might to change which vendor you use.

Should the economy impact my investment approach? [VIDEO]

I get a lot of questions about the economy from clients and visitors to my website. While I try and explain the issues, I’ve brought someone who’s more qualified to provide some answers.