Are you leaving your pension to the right person? [VIDEO]

Deciding whom to leave your money to can be a tough decision. If you are married, then it will most likely go to your spouse. If you have children, then they may be next in line. But even simple scenarios like this can be filled with details that can derail these plans.

A Teacher’s story of IVF and having a child #NIAW2016

My experience didn’t go smoothly. I awoke to a panic attack. Apparently I don’t handle anesthesia well.

It hurt. David had to remind me I wasn’t having a miscarriage. The nurse had to remind me to breathe.

Then you go home and wait for five days.

How much life insurance should a teacher have?

Most teachers need life insurance, beyond what is offered at school. But how much, what type, for how long, etc.? Find the answers here.

Reader question: Will life insurance solve all my problems?

The idea of a single “right way” of investing is an idea, and a bad one at that. The reason – your financial position, obligations and goals are unique to you.

Illinois teacher’s retiree health insurance: TRIP or Obamacare?

For Illinois teachers who retire before age 65, should they choose TRIP or Obamacare for medical insurance? Or something else?

Will you be forced to pay for your parents care?

29 of the 50 states have laws which can force children to pay for their parent’s Long Term Care bills. Are you, and your parents, protected?

I’m a single teacher, should I do anything differently with my money?

When you are single, the pressure ramps up a little as the only winner or loser in this equation is you. Here are four things that single teachers should be concentrating on when it comes to their finances.

Teachers, think you have good disability insurance coverage? Wrong. [VIDEO]

As an Illinois teacher, you have a disability policy through the Teacher Retirement System (TRS). However, when I reviewed it and discussed it with TRS employees, there were some gaping holes.

Teachers, are you missing this insurance coverage? [VIDEO]

Are you all covered with your insurance? Insurance needs change as life changes – here our top 3 tips here.

How does “Obamacare” affect teachers? [VIDEO]

Obamacare will be coming reality very soon, but how does it affect teachers?