The Sterlings (Part 7): Finding a Financial Advisor That Fits

Without understanding what to look for in a financial advisor, many of us ask friends or family for a recommendation. But how should you choose an advisor that is the best fit for your circumstances?

The Sterlings (Part 4): Goals – The path is never straight

Sometimes life gets in the way of your goals. It’s up to you whether the challenges presented by your current situation end up being detours or dead ends.

The Sterlings (Part 1): Our Financial Story

How do you manage to save for multiple future expenses and anticipate every outcome? You can’t.

I’m a single teacher, should I do anything differently with my money?

When you are single, the pressure ramps up a little as the only winner or loser in this equation is you. Here are four things that single teachers should be concentrating on when it comes to their finances.

I’m not an Olympic 200M runner. Your dreams will also change. Are you prepared?

Whatever the situation may be in your case, goals change over time. It’s important to know if a change can be supported by your current financial situation.

Teachers – learn how to “travel hack” and see the world. For FREE.

Teachers can travel the world for free by using credit card rewards to their advantage. Travel writer, Andy Shuman, tells us how.

“Stop, Collaborate and Listen…” – Money and marriage [INFOGRAPHIC]

But bringing two lives together can cause some friction, at whatever age you marry. There are different philosophies on holidays, raising a child, who does the laundry, and how to manage money. Here are some tips can you use to help manage your money.

Common Core – Don’t let it ruin your finances [VIDEO]

Teachers are implementing Common Core curriculums throughout the nation, but it’s robbing them of their time. How do you manage your finances when you have less time? Watch the video to find out.

Are happy teachers more successful? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some teachers are happy, some are not. See which ones will be more successful in their career

3 things to change over summer break

Summer is the time when teachers can choose to do various things: they can work additional jobs and boost their income, spend time travelling to see new places and old friends, or do neither and make the most of the warm months. However, while school may be over, there are things that can be done […]