Are you leaving your pension to the right person? [VIDEO]

Deciding whom to leave your money to can be a tough decision. If you are married, then it will most likely go to your spouse. If you have children, then they may be next in line. But even simple scenarios like this can be filled with details that can derail these plans.

I’m retired from teaching, now what?

This new phase of life can bring a sea of emotions, and many of them can be unexpected. However when it comes to planning what to do with your time – which can span decades – it pays to put some deliberate thought into it.

My spouse died, what do I do?

No matter how long ago a spouse passed or how long you were married, there is a void that is left. No one claim they understand what it feels like, even if they have lost a spouse of their own, as each relationship is dynamic and was its own entity. However, in light of this event, there are some financial things that need to be addressed.

How beneficiary forms can supercede a will

Rule of thumb: A beneficiary form always trumps a will. Watch the heart-breaking story of when it goes wrong.

“Estate Planning” is boring. But what’s the alternative?

We talk about planning before/during/after a baby is born and enters the world, but it’s almost taboo to talk about preparing for how we are going to exit.