A Teacher’s Day In The Life (13): The “Budget” – Month One

Budgeting feels like dieting: You’ve stocked your fridge with healthy, easy snack and meal options. But you swing through Taco Bell on your way home and enjoy a pint of Ben & Jerry’s for dessert.

A Teacher’s Day In The Life (11): We’re on a Budget!

The budget is done and it is tight!

A Teacher’s Day In The Life (10): Summer Spending

We have a busy schedule and a lot of money to spend if we’re not careful.

A Teacher’s Day In The Life (8): Summer Is a Time for Improvement

For me, summer is an opportunity. I spend some of my time resting, but I also want to focus on things that fill my bucket to restore myself for the next year.

I’m being RIFfed, what do I do?

If you are new to the world of teaching, being RIFfed is one of the most soul-destroying things that can happen to you. What do you do when that time comes?

My spouse died, what do I do?

No matter how long ago a spouse passed or how long you were married, there is a void that is left. No one claim they understand what it feels like, even if they have lost a spouse of their own, as each relationship is dynamic and was its own entity. However, in light of this event, there are some financial things that need to be addressed.

“It’s time for your 15 minutes, Mr Grant”

I’ve never been on network TV before. But I recently got to check that off my to-do list. Let’s talk about “how teachers should manage their finances.”

The Sterlings (Part 2): Intentionally Designing Your Finances

“Spending and Saving with a Purpose” – you won’t meet your goals unless you treat this seriously.

The H&R Block Dollars and Sense challenge – coming to schools

Wouldn’t it be great if every student were educated on the basics of personal finance, so that when they went into the real world, they knew how to manage their financial life? Now they can be – and win cash for learning.

I’m a single teacher, should I do anything differently with my money?

When you are single, the pressure ramps up a little as the only winner or loser in this equation is you. Here are four things that single teachers should be concentrating on when it comes to their finances.