How to Pay off a $33,000 Debt in 18 Months Like This Teacher

Here’s how one teacher woke up from the hibernation of automatic minimum payments and destroyed his student loans in less than two years.

A “robot” is not going to save you from yourself

One movement that’s been taking place over the last seven years is the concept of “robo-advising”. But can they replace a human advisor?

A Teacher’s Day In The Life (23): Updates and All the Feels

I was able to get a full refund and take care of that pyramid scheme I fell for in December. That was really exciting. I was worried, and I felt like an idiot. But we got it taken care of.

The psychology of retirement

If you ask me, the whole concept of retirement is weird. But now times have changed.

Why (almost) every teacher needs a financial advisor

When I talk to teachers at various points in their career about their financial concerns, the one response I seem to hear is “I wish I had one of you earlier”.

A Teacher’s Day In The Life (7): Getting a Job Doesn’t Stop the Learning

I was not successful at this my first year teaching. I learned quickly that I struggle with classroom management. It’s not something I’m naturally good at.

A Teacher’s Day In The Life (4): Dear Student Loans: I hate you.

By far, the biggest battle David and I face with our finances are our student loans. It’s a drain on our life together.

Four ways Illinois can fix the Pension Crisis: But which will be chosen?

The Illinois pension system (TRS, SURS, etc.) has been in crisis for a number of years. It’s also one of the largest systems in the country. How can it be fixed?

A Teacher’s Day In The Life (3): Joining Hands and Bank Accounts

“We both really struggle with the same temptations and impulsivity, not to mention that we both love to give and receive gifts. It’s a recipe for disaster.”

A Teacher’s Day In The Life (1): The Beginning

Molly’s introduction to teaching has been hard: “But, I was RIFed again, rehired for 2010-2011 school year, RIFed again, but then rehired for an 8th grade position in the same district for the 2011-2012 school year.” Find out what happens in her journey.