A Teacher’s Day In The Life (25): The Pitfalls of Planning

One of the things that helped me in the classroom (and one of the things I loved about my job) can cause a lot of problems when venturing into uncharted territory. Planning and trying to remain as organized as possible is quickly becoming a major downfall.

A Teacher’s Day In The Life (24): The Budget – Month Eight

Did you know that babies are expensive? I think the amount of stuff we are told we “need” for a baby is crazy.

A Teacher’s Day In The Life (23): Updates and All the Feels

I was able to get a full refund and take care of that pyramid scheme I fell for in December. That was really exciting. I was worried, and I felt like an idiot. But we got it taken care of.

A Teacher’s Day In The Life (22): The Budget – Month Seven

Seven months is a long time, friends. I feel like I should be an old pro at this budgeting stuff by now. However, I still struggle.

A Teacher’s Day In The Life (21): I Have a Problem

I realized at the beginning of this month that I may have a problem.  It’s typical for me to get stuck in a spending rut, especially after the holidays when I’ve been spending more than normal.  I get caught up in the checking for sales and grabbing the good deals and forget that I don’t […]

A Teacher’s Day In The Life (20): The Budget – Month Six

With a built-in fresh start each year comes time for reflection – for me, budgeting is always on the needs-improvement list.

A Teacher’s Day In The Life (19): Christmas Time is Here

I have been slowly procuring Christmas gifts since sometime in September.  I wanted to take advantage of some sales, but I also wanted to spread out the cost a little bit.     Since I’m not working and our budget is very tight, we’re not spending as much on the holidays this year.  We won’t […]

A Teacher’s Day In The Life (18): The Budget – Month Five

I’ve decided to change up our budget.  The amounts will stay the same, as nothing has changed in our income.  However, I need to find another solution for tracking it.  The Good Budget app is not working for me.  I don’t use it.  I will be trying out some other things this month.     […]

A Teacher’s Day In The Life (17): The Holidays Are Coming

Things this month have been substantially better than the past two months.  It’s crazy how much control pregnancy hormones have on your brain.  To be fair, we’ve also been dealt a lot the past two months, but the hormones definitely did not help.  I don’t know what it is about this pregnancy; it’s a testament […]

A Teacher’s Day In The Life (16): The Budget, Month Three

I am finally getting the hang of this a little bit!  The Good Budget app and I are still not really friends, unfortunately.  However, I’ve been checking our accounts more often, and I’ve been more open with David about our spending and where our money is going. Where I feel I’ve really made some strides […]