How should I invest my 403(b)?

Do not let your 403(b) representative tell you how you should be invested – challenge their decisions and decide for yourself.

Save money going back to school [WEBINAR & INFOGRAPHIC]

Whether you are ready to go back, or you’ll go back kicking-and-screaming, what will be your feelings when you receive your first paycheck? Find out how to put more money in your pocket on this webinar.

What happens to my 403(b) when I leave the district? [VIDEO]

Teachers leave districts all the time – when they change jobs, retire or move into a different life phase. But what you do with your 403(b) could cost or earn you thousands of dollars.

Hey Finance Guy: what do you do and how can you help me? [VIDEO]

I get asked all the time how I help teachers with their money – watch this video and find out how.

Why I hate AXA 403(b)s [REVISED]

Following some research, I have concluded that AXA 403(b)s are one of the worst products teachers can use. Watch the video review and find out why.

I don’t like my 403(b), what are my options?

After investing in a 403(b), some teachers have “buyer’s remorse.” How do you move to another 403(b), or out of the game all together?

403b) Investing [Video 4 of 4] – Choosing a vendor and how Finance for Teachers can assist you

In the final video of our series, we discuss how to find a good 403(b) provider, what questions to ask, and how to allocate an account. If you missed any of the prior videos they can be found here: Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 You’ve got to the fourth video of the four part […]

403(b) Investing [Video 3 of 4]: Roth or Traditional, Annuity or Investment?

In this third video of a four-part series, we discuss whether you should invest in a Roth or Traditional 403(b), and what type of 403(b) might be best for you. If you missed the first two videos, links can be found below: Video 1 of 4 Video 2 of 4     Watch video 4 […]

403(b) Investing [Video 2 of 4]: Should you save there, and how much?

Following on from the first video, we look to explore how to save to a 403(b). In this video, learn how much you can contribute to a 403(b) depending on your age and tenure. Also, understand if a 403(b) is the right option for you depending on your projected pension amount, and what other options […]

403(b) Investing [Video 1 of 4]: The Basics

For teachers returning to school for another year of teaching, or those just starting their career, retirement savings outside of a pension is definitely recommended. One of the places to save is a 403(b). But what is a 403(b), who should use one, and why? Watch and find out the basic information about using a […]