A Teacher’s Day In The Life (13): The “Budget” – Month One

Budgeting feels like dieting: You’ve stocked your fridge with healthy, easy snack and meal options. But you swing through Taco Bell on your way home and enjoy a pint of Ben & Jerry’s for dessert.

How should I invest my 403(b)?

Do not let your 403(b) representative tell you how you should be invested – challenge their decisions and decide for yourself.

What happens to my 403(b) when I leave the district? [VIDEO]

Teachers leave districts all the time – when they change jobs, retire or move into a different life phase. But what you do with your 403(b) could cost or earn you thousands of dollars.

6 Tips for the 20-Something Teacher

So you’re a teacher in your 20’s – here’s six tips to get your financial situation in order.