Building a financial practice by blogging [VIDEO]

Being a new entrepreneur, it always fun networking with those that have just started their projects as well. One of those people is Simon Granner.

Simon is from Chicago and used to be employed in the financial services field – hence why we struck up a friendship. However, he has since left that life and is now a business and lifestyle coach. One of his new projects, and one that has become very successful in a short space of time, is his podcast “Level Up Your Life and Business“. In the week after he launched it became the sixth most downloaded “New & Noteworthy” podcast in the Business section on iTunes. A month in, it’s still up there in the rankings, which is a mean feat.

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As a lot of his approach is about efficient marketing, he thought it would be appropriate to bring me on as a guest and talk about the work I have done with Finance for Teachers. I was happy to be involved, and share my journey, insights and some jokes as well. You can view the interview below or on Simon’s site: