For Teachers


Do you feel like you are not achieving the financial success you would like?
  • Learn how to create meaningful financial goals and how to achieve them in the quickest way
  • Understand the unique financial situations of teachers and how they need to invest differently from everyone else
  • This book can help you save $1,000s over your career.

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For teachers, coming up to retirement is a welcome finish line but also a daunting entrance to the next phase of their life. Without doing the necessary preparation, the years of retirement can be worrisome and not allow teachers to receive the most amount of money and benefits for which they are eligible.

Written specifically for teachers in Illinois, this book breaks down the final year of teaching and retirement preparation so that teachers can enter their retirement knowing they have “crossed every T, and dotted every I”.

Written by Dave Grant, CFP(R) after having taken many teachers through their final years of employment, this book outlines everything that needs to be done to ensure a successful start to retirement years.

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Personal finances for many individuals are complex, but for teachers it can get even more so. But instead of explaining the personal finance struggles and solutions in a technical book, these are explored through the story of a teacher and her family.

Travel with Amy Sterling, her husband and children as they explore various financial scenarios in an easy-to-read format. Each scenario is coupled with advice from a Certified Financial Planner professional so the Sterlings can get professional advice to go along with their financial struggles.

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For Advisors


Many advisors dream of leaving their job and starting their own practice. But what goes into running a practice, and what should be expected after a new launch?

Read how Dave Grant prepped for the opening of his practice, Finance for Teachers, what he did (right and wrong) throughout the first year, and how the first year has now shaped his efforts. You’ll find stories and information on marketing, technology, onboarding clients, and networking with other professionals. You’ll also learn how emotionally draining it can be, and determine if this is the right path for you. Read about the problems that almost drove Dave to nearly close his practice and go back to a large company, but instead he kept on building.

While some of the diary entries will be humorous and inspirational, others will provide in-depth accounts of technology that works in a small practice environment. You’ll also learn what marketing efforts can provide the greatest influx of clients. Take these lessons with you as you launch and grow your company, and avoid some of the hurdles Dave has had to jump over.

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Providing financial advice is very rewarding, but advisors often find themselves in one of two camps. They either have too few clients, or too many.

Those that have too few, spend hours trying various marketing techniques, changing their billing structures or technology platforms in order to entice more clients. But sometimes it can seem hit or miss as to what solutions will work.

Those that have too many, tend to fall behind current thinking as they spend a lot of time working with clients. But by not taking time out of their practice to learn more and move to current technologies, they risk becoming a “dinosaur” of the planning profession. Both situations can become frustrating.

This book is meant to be an easy read, and one that should quickly fuel you with ideas to push your practice forward – no matter what situation you find yourself in.

It’s concise, to the point, and (hopefully) impactful. Read the ideas, find the ones that you want to implement, and do it.

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