Things to think about before becoming a school administrator [VIDEO]

My wife and I sit down and talk about her career at least once a year, and she ponders if she’d like to go into administration. At this point in her career and our family life, she’s not going to make that move but it may happen in the future. What would we, and you if you make the change, need to be aware of?


How will your lifestyle change?

The big change that comes up in our conversations is the change in schedule. From ten weeks vacation in the summer to about four, to the more frequent after-school meetings, the change in lifestyle is something to prepare for. If you have children, how will daycare arrangements have to change – and will this change the cost? Are you willing to take vacations during a small window of the year versus a choice of weeks throughout the year? Will your spouse be ok with you not being at home more nights than if you were a teacher?

Have this conversation; understand the reality of the move and what it may cost before making it.


A drop in short term income, long term payoff

As our conversation evolved, my wife started looking at how her income would change. As she has her Master’s degree and many hours beyond that, she cannot move any more lanes in her salary matrix. She also does a number of paid extra duty positions. When compared to an administration position, she would initially lose money and have to wait some years for it to catch up.

Make sure you know what your salary numbers could be before you invest too much into the process – is your family ok with a drop in income? Are you prepared to wait for your salary to equal what it once was? Would you be willing to move locations if the salary was higher in another district.



Are you moving from teaching or to administration?

One thing I realized when I started my own company, is that I left for two reasons. I left employment, as I found I wasn’t reaching my potential as an employee. Second, I ran to start my own company – the flexibility, hard work, and potential payoff was something I wanted. Having those two drivers was important in the success of my company.

Make sure you aren’t going into administration because you don’t like teaching. You may dislike administration more. Also, don’t assume that you need to go into administration if you earned your Type 75 because it’s the next logical step. If you love teaching, don’t leave!

There’s more to life than career progression and the allure of management and it’s perks. Be true to yourself, understand what makes you happy, and keep doing it!