A Teacher’s Day In The Life (18): The Budget – Month Five

I’ve decided to change up our budget.  The amounts will stay the same, as nothing has changed in our income.  However, I need to find another solution for tracking it.  The Good Budget app is not working for me.  I don’t use it.  I will be trying out some other things this month.     […]

A Teacher’s Day In The Life (17): The Holidays Are Coming

Things this month have been substantially better than the past two months.  It’s crazy how much control pregnancy hormones have on your brain.  To be fair, we’ve also been dealt a lot the past two months, but the hormones definitely did not help.  I don’t know what it is about this pregnancy; it’s a testament […]

A Teacher’s Day In The Life (16): The Budget, Month Three

I am finally getting the hang of this a little bit!  The Good Budget app and I are still not really friends, unfortunately.  However, I’ve been checking our accounts more often, and I’ve been more open with David about our spending and where our money is going. Where I feel I’ve really made some strides […]

A Teacher’s Day In The Life (15): The Budget, Month Two

I’m still not using the Good Budget app like I should, and I still have a pile of receipts on the counter. It all just feels so overwhelming.

The psychology of retirement

If you ask me, the whole concept of retirement is weird. But now times have changed.

Uncovering secrets: The self-directed K-12 403(b)

Only available with a couple of vendors – Fidelity and Aspire (and Vanguard where they can be found) – this option allows you to not have a representative assigned to your account to help you manage the investments.

A Teacher’s Day In The Life (14): Family v. Money, Budget Surprises

David and I have had a few surprises this summer that are making financial planning difficult. One is a new baby.

Here’s the plan: we’re going to continue with the budget as planned.

A Teacher’s Day In The Life (13): The “Budget” – Month One

Budgeting feels like dieting: You’ve stocked your fridge with healthy, easy snack and meal options. But you swing through Taco Bell on your way home and enjoy a pint of Ben & Jerry’s for dessert.

What do the “Higher-Ed” 403(b) lawsuits mean for the K-12 space?

While the result of these suits would be great progress in the world of retirement planning, I’m left scratching my head and pointing to the elephant in the room: What about the 3.5 million K-12 teachers and their 403(b)’s?

A Teacher’s Day In The Life (12): The End-of-July Landslide

This year, however, I’m freaking out for completely different reasons. I’m not going back to school. This year, I’m freaking out about money.