Are happy teachers more successful? [INFOGRAPHIC]

As part of my research into the teaching field, I follow a number of teachers on Twitter (my handle is @davegrant82, in case you’re interested). I get to see what they are talking about daily, and there are two different crowds that I see.

One is striving to build each other up and provide resources to help make everyone a better teacher. For the most part, they are a happy group to follow.

The other group moans and bitches about their job. Because they do this, most of them are teachers but give no details about what or where they teach.

However, some research summed up in the infographic below shows that the first set of teachers may be more successful in their career. Just by being happy.

Take a look:




Note one key phrase in this infographic: (paraphrase) the trigger to being more successful is by increasing your positivity.

So examine yourself today:

– Are you happy?

– Are you taking things for granted or being a sour puss at work?

It may be stopping you from being more successful at work. Give it a try – be happy at work and see where it gets you.

Happy teaching!



(Photo attribution: igorothighlander/Flickr)