A Teacher’s Day In The Life (17): The Holidays Are Coming

Things this month have been substantially better than the past two months.  It’s crazy how much control pregnancy hormones have on your brain.  To be fair, we’ve also been dealt a lot the past two months, but the hormones definitely did not help.  I don’t know what it is about this pregnancy; it’s a testament to how different each one is, I suppose.  I was not this hormonal with Lily.  I wasn’t even this hormonal on all the IVF drugs.  In any case, knowing that that’s what is going on helps my brain deal with the mood swings, etc.  I’ve also gotten a handle on the budget and the schedule, and I’ve been able to post on my personal blog and Instagram account more consistently, which makes me feel really good.




Fall always seems to make things cozier and happier for me.  I want to watch movies and bake cookies and read books with Lily.  I fall (haha – pun intended) into a good routine and am more productive.  Granted, there are those cold, dreary days when all I want to do is sleep.  I’m typically able to move past that, especially now that I have to chase around a one-year-old.  A hot cup of coffee, a pine-scented candle and some good music can turn my sleepy mood right around.  It’s kind of amazing, actually.

Our focus this fall, as it typically is this time of year, is family.   It’s funny how things have the ability to slow down and speed up simultaneously.  Our calendar is full, but what we’re doing is slower and more intentional than the crazy running around of summer.  Time is spent on crockpot recipes and crafts and books.  I prefer it this way.  I’m definitely a fall girl.

Every year, apple picking is a big deal for our family.  We go to the orchard, pick our own apples and then head to the smokehouse for sausage, cheese and donuts.  If the timing works out, we also pick our pumpkins.  I was a bit stressed about it this year because it’s not necessarily a cheap trip.  David and I talked about how many apples we’d actually use and our priorities regarding the extra expenses.  We set a budget of $25 and stuck to it!  With that, we were able to get a peck of apples, six donuts (They’re my absolute favorite thing!) and an apple cider milkshake – a few little fall treats!  My parents always have us over for cheese and sausage and football after apple picking, so we didn’t have to worry about missing out on the snacks.  It turned out to be a great day, and David and I really felt good about sticking with our plan.

Now things are gearing up for Thanksgiving and everything that follows.  This fall (and winter) is especially precious because once the holidays are over, New Baby will be here in a flash, and life will get CRAZY (until we adjust, of course).  When we get to Thanksgiving, time always flies.  We have all the holidays and then David’s birthday and then my birthday.  It’s a time filled to the brim with events and family.  We love it, but it’s very busy.  We want to make sure we savor every minute.

David and I are both desperate for some good family time.  We’re ready to focus on loving on our family and showing gratitude and being present.  This should be a year-round focus.  I’m not sure why it’s so much easier at this time of year – maybe because of the holidays.  Whatever the reason, we’re grateful for it.  Even though the holidays this year won’t be proceeded by parent-teacher conferences and finals before getting a well-earned break, I’m still as excited as ever for this time together.