403(b) Seminar: Libertyville District #70

Following up from the Fall session, we will be running the 403(b) session again this Spring.


Most teachers are told to get a 403(b), but 90% of them do not need one. They can be ineffective at maximizing retirement savings, and the tax-savings impact does not benefit the majority of teachers given their current income.

But what should teachers use to save for retirement? If a 403(b) is the best option, how do you know what makes a good one? Are there bad ones? 

Come to this 30-minute session to learn what makes a good 403(b), how to know which one to use, and if you should use one at all.


I will be presenting at Libertyville District #70 on Wednesday February 12, 2014, at 4:00pm in the ERC. One-on-one sessions will happen in the weeks following this. Contact me if you’d like to schedule a time for a session.

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